Evoking Emotion to End the Texting and Driving Epidemic

The number of people who still feel they can cheat death or serious injury while texting and driving is amazing. We read about tragic deaths and serious injuries almost daily in our country, yet these horrific stories are not enough to deter people from the dangerous habit. For some reason, we tend to think we are invincible. […]


Arlington Now Enforcing Texting & Driving Ban

Fed up with the number of automobile accidents on its roadways, the Arlington City Council passed an ordinance back in September to ban texting and driving.  Last Friday, that ban took effect. Drivers who are caught texting while driving or tweeting while driving will be pulled over and ticketed.  The fines go as high as […]


Stop the Texts, Stop the Wrecks Campaign

In an effort to stop distracted driving, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and the National Ad Council have launched a new campaign called “Stop the Texts. Stop the Wrecks.” Although the campaign is geared towards young drivers ages 16 to 24, the agencies hope that the message will reach a broader audience and […]


Texas Researchers Find Texting Doubles Drivers’ Reaction Time

Each day, an estimated five billion text messages are sent in the United States, some of them while driving.  In a recent study conducted by the Texas Transportation Institute (TTI), researchers found that drivers’ reaction times are doubled when they try to send or read text messages. Drivers who participated in the study ranged in […]

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Busy Moms Don’t Have to Drive Distracted

We’ve all had days where we feel like 24 hours just isn’t enough time to get everything done.  Between making sure the kids get dropped off at school on time, wasting time idling in horrendous rush-hour traffic, and taking your kids to their various after-school activities, you’re pressed for time. More and more, busy moms […]

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West Texas Teen Remembered in “Faces of Distracted Driving”

Alex Brown was a happy, bright 17 year-old girl who was about to graduate high school. But Alex had a habit of doing something dangerous–when Alex would drive, she would also text. Her parents always warned her about the dangers of driving and texting, but Alex assured them that nothing would happen to her. On […]

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Just Put It Down this Labor Day Weekend

With school starting back up and summer winding down, many families will be taking advantage of the last U.S. holiday weekend by taking road trips to hot vacation spots. Unfortunately, with the increased traffic on the roads also comes an increase in the number of traffic fatalities.  The National Safety Council estimates that nearly 400 […]


How Well Do You Drive?

In a study conducted by Allstate, two-thirds of the drivers interviewed said they were either excellent or very good drivers.  Yet, on the roads we often find that two-thirds of drivers are competent, at best. Of those drivers surveyed who claimed they were excellent at driving, 40 percent admitted to speeding, 45 percent admitted to […]